Escape to a magical destination on the planet without even stepping a foot from your home.  A place most people call Ogleby Sisters   A place where your mind, body, and soul will relax and become one with nature.  Ogleby Sisters is an online retreat for natural and organic skin care enthusiasts. Here, freedom, peace and beauty are flourishing, and the online grounds provide a home for clean, fresh and wild information. Consider Ogleby Sisters a place to stop by to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with Mother Nature - a natural place to go online and 'let it all go' with the rest of your Ogleby Family.

Welcome to the Ogleby Family.  Welcome Home.

Ogleby Sisters Soap and The Best Soap for MEN is a boutique fragrance house specializing in natural & organic skincare as well as natural & organic hair care.  We are sold exclusively online.  Linda Moncrief is the CEO, founder and owner operator of this unique small business.  Please contact us, it will be our honor to serve you and we would love to hear from you!  Please call Linda Moncrief at 212-518-1172 or email

How to love and care for your soaps.
One super important KEY factor as you store your soaps is that you do not store the soaps within 5 inches of each other.  The scents can and will migrate.  All the soaps will end up smelling as one!  Also super important is that due to the natural content the soaps like AIR circulation.  I would store the soaps out of the bags until ready to gift and definitely do not put into plastic bags or bins or any other type of storage containers.  The soaps must breathe.  For your personal use you can rotate bars into your closet, linen cabinet or drawers for a short time period to freshen clothes.  Also, the soaps do not expire.  They will always clean and moisturize nicely but the fragrance will be faded in one year.  A little sooner with the fruit scents.  They all prefer a cool environment.  ​Enjoy!

Linda Moncrief