Bath Oil

The power of purifying bath oil soak to deliver to your skin the life vitality and essential moisture that it craves.  With all the activities that life has to offer, these natural, soothing, relaxing choices have your skin food covered.

Dead Sea Salt Soak

An evening soak with this powerful, skin-replenishing, natural dead sea salt blend will improve your overall mood tremendously before heading off to the land of luxurious dreams. Increases circulation and erases stress away with ease. Detoxifies not only the skin, but the mind.

Sea Kelp and Mineral Salt Soak

Create glowing skin that is free from unwanted pollutants with a pampering sea kelp and mineral salt blend. Close your eyes and let thoughts of the ocean take over. Waves wipe away stress and leave behind nourishing minerals. A natural recipe for skin refreshing success.

Sea Kelp and Aloe Soak

Healing properties of this sea kelp and aloe based soak are noticed first, for they are so eye-catching and so obviously responsible for the newer, softer skin. Soothing properties are noticed next through the calm, natural sense of peace that is immediately experienced. 

Goat Milk Soak

Immerse yourself in waters that hold the promise of turning your tired skin into repaired and rejuvenated skin. Rich and creamy goat milk naturally soothes both the body and the mind in perfect unison. A luxurious feeling of calming bliss is sure to arise deep in your soul.

Preparing the Bathroom

With any Ogleby Aromatherapy Bath Bomb soak that you choose, you have the power of scent.  Making it easy to get that perfect "me" smell. Combine one or two, or even three or four. However, an unscented soak is also perfectly natural and acceptable as well, especially for those who may suffer from yeast infections. Whatever path you choose, just know that when you choose Ogleby you are getting only the best natural ingredients possible.

Aromatherapy Bath Bomb

Bath Oil

Oil. It's more than just a favorite sandwich condiment. Surprisingly, it's also a super useful ingredient in skin care. Rich in moisture for beautiful, healthy looking skin.  Improve your skin's glow.  Feel relaxed, fresh, and deeply cleansed. Glow brightly. Glow naturally.  Your refillable roll on applicator is a wonderful way to spread your oil onto your body or face. Natural beauty oil tips – A. Use just before shower, as a cleanser! Spread beauty oil over body and face while dry and then rinse. 

B. Use just after a fresh shower, as a moisturizer. While body is still damp, spread all over face and body. Having a dewy body will require less beauty oil and make spreading easier. C. Use roll-on applicator to roll onto the backs of hands, cuticles, fingertips throughout the day. Roll on face just before face crème; roll on body just before body moisturizer. D. Quench dry skin, rosacea, sunburn, and windburn. E. Controls stray eyebrows and smoothes flyaway hair back into place. F. Hydrates and plumps dry, swollen skin on body, face and under eyes. G. Use before and after shaving on areas that typically get irritated or razor burn.

If Mother Nature wanted us to choose one thing to write her home about... we just might have to choose aloe vera. Soothing. Healing. Natural. Softening to the max. Anti-aging. Completely rejuvenate your body from head to toe. Name what you want from a soak and aloe vera is sure to deliver it in some form or another. With intense repairing properties and equally powerful moisturization powers, there is no doubt in the mind of Ogleby that you will be leaving your tub feeling ultimately radiant. Explore even more about aloe vera benefits.

Aloe Vera

Ah... goat milk. An Ogleby favorite ingredient for sure. We love to put this fabulous find in any product that we can, and for a very good reason. Goat milk is extremely rich and creamy, and is a great way to naturally rejuvenate skin. The lactic acid found inside breaks down dead skin cells with ease. And did we mention it's loaded with vitamins and minerals? Vitmains A, B1, B6, B12, and riboflavin are all there, waiting to repair skin. The mineral selenium works as an antioxidant to regenerate skin and boost its firmness. Get ready for your cleanest, proudest, and most hydrated skin yet. Explore out the full variety of goat milk benefits.

Goat Milk

Sodium bicarbonate is actually a natural component of Natron, which is a mineral found in its most natural and pure state throughout countless mineral springs around the world. So, what does that mean for your skin? For starters, it means that you're getting raw, unrefined goodness straight from Mother Nature's pocket. Sodium bicarbonate has superb antibacterial properties that fight acne by opening up pores and absorbing excess oil. It also helps to relieve dry or itchy skin. Sodium Bicarbonate. Free of chemicals. Skin clearing. Skin loving.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Ogleby Soothing Bath Soaks

Inclusion inspires relaxation.

We all know how fun and relaxing a good bubble bath can be. Your cherished memories of splashing around in the tub as a child are bound to ignite nothing but good feelings when the words "bubble bath" are heard. But Ogleby is here to tell you of a beautiful little secret - that there's something even more luxurious and more fulfilling - and it's right here, just waiting for you to indulge in it. Ogleby Soaks. Better than the best bubble bath.  Everyone enjoys relaxing.  See how people are using Ogleby unique natural ingredients to relax. 


​Play soothing music while you soak to support in reaching your most relaxed state of mind.

hīdrəˈTHerəpē, noun

The practice of using water to enhance health.


"The spirit of soaking transcends the act of getting clean."

Magnesium Sulfate

This wonder ingredient is magnificent for skin for more reasons than one. It's natural. It's easily absorbed by skin, making it not only easy, but also ideal for soaking in. Magnesium regulates the activity over 235 enzymes in the body, stops inflammation in its tracks, and helps out the function of muscles and nerves. Sulfates work to flush out unwanted toxins and aid tremendously in the absorption of nutrients. Time to ease stress. Time to heal your skin. Time to look better, feel better, and re-energize your body.

Sea kelp is a type of seaweed that is super rich in minerals and proteins. It's been used for natural skin care since the time of the ancient Greeks, meaning it must be one special algae. For one thing, it's extremely detoxifying. Toxins are what cause your body's metabolism to become slower and sluggish. But sea kelp penetrates skin and pulls those unwanted toxins out. Nourishing Omega 3 essential fatty acids stay behind to leave a glowing, promising luster. 

Sea Kelp

Dead sea salt is some pretty unique stuff. While you shouldn't use it to season your eggs for breakfast, you should use it for a long, hot, deserving soak. It comes from the Dead Sea, where the waters naturally contain 27% various salts (as compared to the 3% variety of salts in a normal sea). This means that your skin is replenished with all kinds of natural minerals: magnesium, calcium, and potassium being some of the most rewarding ones. Dead sea salt contains acids which attach themselves to toxins in skin, and when combined with heat (aka hot water from your bath), the salt draws out everything that is impure. Consider dead sea salt as... Nature's sponge. So, do yourself a giant favor and take a dead sea salt soak. You'll be combating stress, increasing circulation, balancing your skin's moisture, and energizing your body to its maximum potential. Refresh and awaken skin.

Dead Sea Salt

Ogleby soaks are the epitome of all natural beauty because you get benefits that are strikingly similar to using our scrubs. Only you don't have to do any work. There's no scrubbing involved. Simply melt your Ogleby soak into your your warm bath water. Then just kick back, relax, and reap the rewards.

All Ogleby soaks have one ingredient in common - mineral rich natural dead sea salt or atlantic sea salt. Far from just basic ingredients, they are the solid foundation for each and every one of our luxurious soaks. From there, we pile on the goodness in expertly mastered combinations. Endless possibilities. Explore and discover what your skin craves most.

The Epitome of all Beauty

Ogleby soaks use ultimate ingredients for ultimate beauty benefits.

Soaking is undoubtedly one of life's little pleasures. It's a soothing, relaxing, therapeutic ritual. It's full of things that we all could use in this day and age: warmth, mental clarity, and enhanced physical well-being. Make your soak your time to think. Or make it your time to not think. Relax. Meditate. Unwind. And light a candle somewhere in between.

Nourish your skin. Nourish your soul.

Bubble baths are great. There's no denying it. They will always have their place and they will always be enjoyed. However, what you didn't know as a child was that the bubbles themselves are from sulfates. And sulfates actually dry the skin out. Ogleby soaks are sulfate free, and not to mention loaded with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that leave skin smooth, clear, and glowing. So, if you're asking yourself... "Can it be sexy and rejuvenating to take a bubble-less bath?" Ogleby is here to tell you that the answer is yes! Be bold and take a soak that is better than a bubble bath. 

Why are soaks so much better?

"I am sure there are things that can't be cured by a good bath but I can't think of one."

better than the Best Bubble BaTH

Step 1

Make sure your tub is squeaky clean before your soak. You don't want to be laying down in a tub that feels or looks dirty. Try to do this a few hours before your soak instead of right before. That way, when soak time comes, you don't have to worry about anything other than relaxing.

Step 2

Before filling your tub with super hot water, run some super hot water over the walls of your shower to get the tiles warmed up. This will also create a nice steamy effect. Do this slowly two times.

Step 3

Fill your tub with super hot water. This will ensure that the tub itself is nice and hot. 

Step 4

Check the temperature of your water every five minutes to see if it's cooled down enough for you to get in. Everyone has different tolerances, so it is really up to your skin to decide how hot of water it can take. A general rule of thumb is to have your water as warm as possible but without any pain. Remember, this a soak is supposed to be enjoyable.


Be sure to keep your bathroom door closed the entire time! This way, all of the heat and steam will be maintained. 

Seclude yourself in your own bathtub. 

Epsom and Sea Salt Soak

Ease your mind and body after a long, hectic day. The universally loved powers of natural epsom salt work rhythmically with the finest natural dead sea salt that this world has to offer.  Healing and energizing. A truly heavenly bath time experience.


​Prepare to take a soak by marking it in your agenda a few days in advance. Give yourself at least an hour for ultimate leisure.  

Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Soak

The power of fragrance can have a profound effect on the entire self: mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy a calming scented sensation one day and an invigorating fragrance sensation the next. Indulge in a soul-awakening journey of the senses, where your needs of the very moment can be met naturally.


You deserve it.

Create an incredibly passionate and calming at home spa with: candles, soft music, and one of seven luxurious,

skin pampering Ogleby soaks.