Where did it start?

Castile soap first emerged in the Kingdom of Castilla, in a region today known as Spain. The actual word "castile" is the English word for "land of the castles," because it was during this time that many castles were built in the area to develop and reinforce the Crusaders. The Romans had brought with them an abundance of olive groves. And thus, castile soap was born, quickly becoming a very desired product.

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The Real Deal

Ogleby organic castile soap is made with 100% pure organic olive oil. It produces a mild and creamy lather without large bubbles. It is extremely mild, making it ideal for sensitive skin. 

Pore Talk

Castile soap is great for your pores, as it opens them up to unclog them. A deep cleanse like this is an important step for reducing acne breakouts and blackheads. 

Rich, Creamy, Comforting.

Ogleby's castile soap is what you've been looking for. It reminds us that the simple things in life are often some of the best things. You can't go wrong with castile. Like a little black dress, a plain white T, or the perfect pair of jeans, it becomes a staple. The benefits of rotating Ogleby Castile Soap into your skin care routine are well worth the decision. Maybe try once per week as a deep cleanse in-between your gentle routine.  Your skin will feel healthy, nourished, cleansed and genuine.  

Castile can be drying, therefore for those with normal skin and hair it is recommended to be used once per week.  May be used daily for oily skin and hair.  Not recommended for dry skin or hair. 

Pure Power. Wouldn't you rather be using castile soap?

Castile. All you need. 


Initially, castile soap was not available to just anyone. It was an expensive product, making it available to only those that were royal or wealthy. King Louis the fourteenth was even hooked!

Castile soap is soap that is vegetable oil based as opposed to tallow (animal fat) based soap and made out of sustainable agriculture without synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Ogleby castile soap uses olive oil as the vegetable oil of choice, since olive oil is extremely soothing, nourishing, and gentle. With castile soap, you're actually getting soap in its purest and simplest form, not a wild and complex combination of unnecessary ingredients. Just olive oil and either sodium hydroxide (to saponify bar soaps) or potassium hydroxide (to saponify liquid soaps). Two ingredients put together into one awesome soap recipe. The real deal.

What is organic castile soap?

Castile Soap Benefits.