Polyphenols are found in olive oil as well. Polyphenols are compounds which also act as antioxidants. They help to regulate blood and oxygen to the skin, making it feel cleaner and smoother. They also help repair damaged skin cells.

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Benefits of Olive Oil

Everything you want, and nothing you don't.

Think about it...

What you put on your body is just as important as what you don't put on your body.

Give your body love.

Keep skin healthy and nourished. Feel beautiful, soft, feminine.  

Method of Extraction

Here at Ogleby, our olive oil

is first cold pressed and unrefined. See What Does Cold Pressed Mean for more information on oil extraction.

Did you know?

​An olive tree, on average, can live to be 300 to 600 years old. The Sisters olive tree is estimated to be over 6,000 years old.  The olives start off green, and turn black or purple as they ripen.

The olive branch is a symbol of peace, and was historically worn by brides.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

​Extra virgin olive oil, also often advertised as "cold pressed," is oil that has come from the first pressing of olives. It retains the most flavor and aroma, as the olives have not been heated over room temperature. 

Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is what results after the second pressing of olives. It is made through chemical refining, which means high temperatures. These high temperatures decrease the quality of the olive oil.  It is usually cheaper, as it contains less of the nutrients. 

​Feel like a goddess. 

According to legend, the city of Athens obtained its name from the greek goddess of wisdom and war, Athena. She offered the Athenians an olive tree, while Poseidon offered them a spring of salt water gushing out of a cliff. The olive tree proved to be the better gift. Olive oil was used by athletes and warriors before battle to protect their skin.

It was also used for healing. 

​Olive oil contains major antioxidants.

Among these are both Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A helps the skin to stay soft, smooth, firm. 

Vitamin E is well known for its anti-aging properties, reducing cellular damage. These antioxidants sink deep into your skin without clogging pores, leaving you feeling moisturized, clean, rich, and relaxed.  

Olive oil also contains squalene, a natural organic compound that is often used as a moisturizer. Squalene regulates oil in the skin, which forms a coating that acts like a barrier against the many pollutants we are faced with everyday.

By far the most universal oil, it is desired all around the world, attractive in all different cultures.


Olive Oil has a long history of being used for skincare. 

Olive oil An alluring liquid gift from mother nature.

The oil is produced by pressing whole olives, and extracting the oil.

Olive oil is obtained from an olive.  It's a traditional tree crop of Spain and also the Mediterranean  Basin covering portions of Italy, Greece, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Olive oil is used in beauty products throughout the world, and is also in Ogleby soaps, scrubs and beauty oil.

Olive Oil benefits