Responsible Sourcing means looking at what we purchase beyond the traditional aspects of cost, quality and consistent supply.  We are conscious of our footprint on human labor & the environment.‚Äč

There are more reasons to join Ogleby Reminder Service than its great features alone.

     Strict privacy protection
We will never, ever, under any circumstances, share your email address with anyone. Joining Ogleby Reminder Service will not cause you to receive more spam.

     Unmatched dependability
You will not be left stranded one day because Ogleby Reminder Service has suddenly closed up shop.

     Rock solid reliability
The Ogleby Reminder Servers are monitored 24 hours a day in a state-of-the-art facility with five redundant Internet connections, a water-free fire suppression system, and multiple diesel generators.
If you're ready to have Ogleby Reminder Service to support you in making sure that you remember the special people and special occasions in your life, sign up and take it for a spin. It's FREE!