Vartali is a world-class salon known for its attentive service and

artistic approach to hair design.

A warm and inviting oasis in the heart of Manhattan.

Vartali is located in the prestigious Galleria Building at

115 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022

Ogleby Sisters Soap and The Best Soap for MEN is a boutique fragrance house specializing in natural & organic skin & hair care.  

We are sold exclusively online in USA, Europe and Asia. 

Except for one very fine location in

New York City by the name of Vartali Salon. 

Call for hair service with Piet or waxing & nails with Tatyana

and pick up some soap, eye cream or USDA Cream.

Linda Moncrief is the CEO, founder and owner operator of

Ogleby Sisters Soap and The Best Soap for MEN. 

Please contact us, we would love to hear about what you LOVE! 

Please call Linda Moncrief at 212-518-1172,


or email here by using the contact form above.  Thank you.

Visit in person, inside Vartali Salon

115 E. 57th Street Ground Floor

New York, NY, 10022


Marketing & Corporate Headquarters: 
New York, NY, 10022

Warehouse & Distribution:

San Diego California