Where Does it Come From?

Sweet almond oil is pressed from the ripe and shell free seeds of the almond tree. The oil itself is yellow/clear. Main cultivating countries of the sweet almond tree include California and Spain.

Sweet Almond Nutritional Value

This oils secret is fatty acids serving as a natural emollient which is especially effective for conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. Just apply it and let it work for you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

With its pleasant calming properties, Ogleby sweet almond oil becomes a product representative of the luxurious. It is beneficial due to its ability to plump and firm the skin.  Sweet almond oil works as a natural exfoliation supporter by helping to remove dead skin cells.  It stimulates growth of healthier skin, repairs damaged cells and gives skin a more youthful appearance.

Sweet Almond Oil. The oil you've been waiting for.

Raw. No additives or preservatives. 

Method of Extraction

Here at Ogleby, our sweet almond oil is extracted carefully and with much love. Our almond oil is expeller pressed and is partially refined. See What Does Cold Pressed Mean.

Even in ancient times, almond oil was a highly prized commodity. It was seen as a precious gift from nature, and was valued immensely for its many jaw-dropping qualities. Sweet Almond oil is non-irritable and soothing. The term "sweet" does not actually apply to the scent, but to the type of almond oil. True sweet almond oil is practically unscented.

Secrets of the Past

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits