Your eye area tends to be extra sensitive, so be double sure you're not using contaminated product in that area!


"I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

Did you know?

Micro-organisms caused by contamination can lead to irritation and even in some cases infection. 


So remember to always use your scoop with all of your Ogleby cremes and scrubs! It's the best and easiest way to ensure that your favorite product will stay free of those sneaky germs.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

Wash and Rinse.

Make sure to wash your scoop after you're done using it or before you dip it back into your product. Practicing this will make sure that your product won't get contaminated. It'll also make your Ogleby natural product's shelf life last much longer. 

Keep your face hydrated but your product dry.

Make sure to store your product in a cool, dry place to further extend its shelf life. Don't leave it where it will be exposed to sunlight or any kind of excessive heat or dampness. Your product takes such good care of your skin after all, right? Why not take just as good of care of it?

It's time to get excited about your new scoop. It's time to send germs packing. 

Using a scoop is so absolutely and utterly important when you're removing a product that rests inside of a  jar or tub. Micro-organisms (basically microscopic bacteria) can start to grow inside your cherished product if you use your fingers to take it out because your finger is full of bacteria - even if you did just wash your hands. Yes, your hands may seem clean and feel clean and even smell clean, but bacteria is sneaky. It lies under your fingernails and sticks to your fingertips. So if you've been using your product everyday (like you should) and have been putting your fingers into it, then by the end of the month you're going to end up with a product that is full of some very undesired micro-organisms.

But don't be afraid! We here at Ogleby know that that's not what you want. There's an easy fix that allows you to protect your skin as well as your custom blended product from micro-organisms. And the easy fix is... (drumroll please) one very fantastic, little but powerful, scoop. It protects you from everything you don't want on your skin while simultaneously stopping contamination.  

Each and every Ogleby creme and Ogleby scrub includes a wonderful little plastic scoop for you to enjoy. Your scoop is your new tool for keeping both your products and skin free from unwanted bacteria.

Get the latest scoop.

In today's health conscious world, we are quite aware of the fact that there are germs lurking around us everywhere. We wash our hands constantly. We are weary of touching things in public places - whether it be the hand rest on an escalator or pushing open the door to your favorite store. We use disinfectant cleaners all over our home, making sure that surfaces are absolutely spotless. But how often do we think about how clean our skin care products are as we apply them directly to our delicate face and body? After all, our hands are constantly full of bacteria - even after we wash them. So we here at Ogleby make it easy to be careful and easy to avoid contamination. The secret? It's all in the scoop.

Use Your Scoop