An unrefined oil is an oil that, just as the name suggests, has not been refined at all. These types of oils are richer not only in quality, but in scent and color as well. 

A partially refined oil is an oil that has been exposed to not all the methods of available refinement, but only a select one or two. 


​Partially Refined


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A refined oil is an oil that has been exposed to all three types of available refinement. The oil is fully processed through the following methods: rapid changes in temperature ranging anywhere from as high as 450 degrees to as low as -30 degrees, deodorization (removing the odor), and bleaching (removing color).

Refining as well as redefining the way the world uses precious oils.

Methods of Refinement

Expeller Pressed

Cold Pressed

A cold pressed oil is an oil that has undergone mechanical extraction in which the heat is greatly minimized throughout the entire process. Keeping the temperature between approximately 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit ensures that the oil maintains its original and rich natural qualities. It is often noted as the most desired extraction method of oils today. 

An expeller pressed oil is an oil that has been harvested through mechanical extraction as well. However in this process, more heat is incorporated simply due to the fact that more pressure is exerted. This creates a small amount of friction heat, causing the temperature to range anywhere from 120 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ogleby is proud to provide you with a general overview of how each wonderful oil used in our products has been processed. 

What Does Cold Pressed Mean?